As a Teaching School we are working with several other schools to build two SharePoint sites that house a wealth of resources for teachers and children. 

myTeaching is a site for teachers – it contains schemes of learning, lesson plans and assessment materials. It’s a great place to share your hard work – and be proud of it. We are creating the go-to place for teachers in our area to bring and brag about their teaching! We want to, through our partnership with all schools, share and celebrate the best of what is being locally produced in our classrooms. We have one rule – if you use something from the site then you simple have to share something on the site.  

myLearning is a site for children and their families – it contains lots of fun lessons and exercises for them to do outside of school. These are all created by practitioners in our local area and come straight from the classroom. Tried and tested. Ideal if children need to be working remotely or from home. 

myTeaching and myLearning have a £10 per month admin and maintenance fee